On Monday 9 September 1929, 29-year-old Norma Rhys McLeod was found unconscious at her home in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia. Across her forehead lay a damp pair of men’s underpants. Unable to speak, she died without naming her killer. A post-mortem exam revealed she had a 7-inch fracture in her skull caused by a violent blow from something with a broad flat surface. An Inquest almost two months after her death returned an open verdict. Who killed Norma? The police and the public had their theories, we have ours …

You can find related documents and images (mentioned in the episodes below) here.

If you want a more detailed account of Norma’s life and death, you can buy the book Fractured Silence: The mysterious death of Norma Rhys McLeod, 1929 via Amazon here.

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