Murder Archives presents an in-depth look at cases of mysterious deaths in the first half of the twentieth century. Designed to promote interaction and conversation, the website complements the Murder Archives podcasts, providing relevant photographs and documentation to help listeners immerse themselves in the story.

Host, Emma Curtin – I’ve always loved reading true crime stories, not just for the puzzles themselves but for the journey the authors take to unravel them. It’s the closest thing to being a detective without the years of training and the badge.

My journey into writing true crime was more accidental than planned. As well as being an academic editor, I’m a historian and while I was doing some local research I came across an article about Norma McLeod’s death in 1929. It immediately intrigued me but I had no idea how all-consuming the story would become.

Like picking at a small tear in wallpaper, before I knew it I was metaphorically peeling off huge strips to reveal more layers and secrets below. And so it began, I was hooked …

Co-investigator, Simon Curtin – I love puzzles and problem solving, and the opportunity to work with my sister from the other side of the globe on this historical case was too good to miss.

The internet has opened up so many avenues which would have taken many more years to find through paper archives alone. The long search for hidden details, clues that previous investigators overlooked, and the twist and turns of the case over the past three years has been fascinating.

What I didn’t account for was the personal impact of Norma’s strength of character, which has really shone through in this case, amplified by the senseless loss of her life at such an early age. Whilst the thrill of solving the puzzle got me into this case, what keeps me motivated now is the search for a resolution as a fitting memorial to Norma.

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